The Longevity Revolution

We are in the midst of a ‘Longevity Revolution’. People now live around 30 years longer than they did a hundred years or so ago and half of the people who have ever lived to the age of 65 are alive today.

At ellihome, we see the extra years afforded to hundreds of millions of people all over the world as an extraordinary achievement and we’re constantly on the look out for new advances which will continue to improve how we all experience later life. Here are three that we’ve been enjoying reading about recently:

New technology will monitor our health 24/7 

Wearable gadgets will monitor our vital signs day and night, checking and analyzing blood glucose levels, blood pressure and even taking electrocardiograms. Your doctor will be able to see this data in real time and relevant agencies will be able to be alerted if you are having a medical emergency such as a heart attack or a stroke. It’s also likely that implanted microchips which dispense medications on a prescribed schedule will be increasingly commonplace.

Medical treatments will fit your genes

Genes influence how well drugs work. Understanding these genetic differences means that doctors can take a more personalized approach to selecting the right medication and dosage for each individual. This kind of personalised treatment is being described as ‘precision medicine’ and its being touted as an important part of the future of health care.

You’ll be able to design a SMART house that will fit your needs

Customising your house to suit your needs won’t be difficult. Your wifi router will operate as a hub for controlling your heating and lighting, your entertainment systems, and your indoor and outdoor security sensors. In addition, most items in your home will contain a wireless chip that connects with your smart home system, allowing you to control appliances from anywhere. Furnishings will be designed to be more moveable and adaptable making ageing in place much easier and even your bed will packed with sensors that automatically adjust to your body’s pressure points.

Too often our extending life spans are viewed as additional years of ‘old age’. At ellihome we see this phenomenon as a triumph of human development that is giving us three more decades of life. The advances described above, and more, will define the character of those bonus years and offer us extraordinary opportunities to re-evaluate how each of us approaches this longevity dividend.


Published on 01 May 2018