What if all homes could be suitable for anyone, regardless of a person’s age or physical ability? What if a person who wants to live independently, regardless of his or her age or physical ability, could do just that?

Ellihome’s sister business, The Home Straight, offers a toolkit approach to working out how to make sure that your home environment is supporting you to remain safe and independent as you become older.

The toolkit has been designed to offers solutions that range from simple actions that you can take yourself or with the help of a family member or friend to improvements and adaptations that require skilled expertise. Divided into five sections, questions and suggestions are grouped under the following headings:

Our Occupational Therapy expertise means that the toolkit has been created by people who are skilled in performing home assessments that identify daily routines and activities and the barriers that impact performing them. This same expertise has been brought to bear on the design of ellihome’s products.

Get in touch using the contact form on our home page if you would like to find out more about how our toolkit approach might help you.

Published on 01 April 2018