Why Design Matters

What the things around us look like – how they are designed – matters.

Good design impacts on how we feel as well as how we interact with our environment, more so, we would argue, when we get less mobile or need help with everyday activities like washing, toileting or moving around our home.  These kinds of challenges can make life more difficult for all sorts of reasons and, if we find them a struggle, they can affect our psychology in negative ways.

Chairs on display at MOMA in New York City. Photo by Petri Krohn, March 2005, wikimedia commons.

Chairs on display at MOMA in New York City. Photo by Petri Krohn, March 2005, wikimedia commons.

It may be simply that we are getting older and our muscles are not as strong as they were or it may be the result of an operation or a spell in hospital or it may be because we’ve been living with a long term condition that has affected our mobility for years.

Whatever the reason, having daily living aids to help us overcome those challenges that work on a functional level and which are designed to look good in our homes makes a big difference to our wellbeing.

ellihome grab rail design, Lintrathen range

The trouble is there isn’t very much choice in what you can buy right now. It’s fair to say that whilst most products currently available meet technical and regulatory requirements, their look-and-feel is overwhelmingly institutional, medicalised and downright ugly. The result is to stigmatise the people who need to use them in a negative and unnecessary way.

ellihome wants to change that reality. Our focus as a business is on creating beautiful daily living aids that will help you stay safe and independent in your own home. Aids that you won’t want to hide in a cupboard when friends come round for tea and that won’t make you feel depressed when you look at them.

In the first instance these will be primarily for the bathroom – grab rails, toilet surrounds and shower stools but we’ve got plenty of other ideas in the pipeline too!

You can see the designs we are working on for our launch range here on our website. We hope you will agree that they look much nicer than a lot of what is available today!

Our goal is to make these products available in 2018/2019. Please do fill in our enquiry form at the bottom of our home page if you are interested in being kept up to date with when they will be ready for sale.

Published on 01 January 2018